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Let's Shift your mindset!

Committing to the entertainment industry is a big deal!
It isn't an easy profession -Trust me, I know!

As an actor with over a decade of film/TV experience,
A youth-focused mental health coach for 3+ years and moving to LA on my own at 18 (during a Pandemic!), I get it. 

Let me become your mindset shifter & help you discover the authentic self that lies beneath the "performer persona" you have been developing.

Arianna Scott - CO to LA

" Thea was one of the first people I spoke to in LA.
It was so great to have her perspectives, recommendations
and support when I was new and still finding my way."
CJ -13 year old student
" Out of all the support I've has Thea was definitely the coolest. She's incredibly open minded and was there when I discovered a very important part of myself. I learned how to manifest abundance and be proud of who I am. I always saw her as more of a big sister than just a coach"

Anna - Mom of 14 year old student

"Thea has helped my teenage daughter get through some very hard obstacles in her life and it has eased my mind knowing my daughter feels like she always has someone to turn to."

Cahra - 14 year old student

"Before I stared my sessions with Thea I was lost. I didn't know how to deal with my anxiety or manage my time wisely. Since completing sessions I have mentally improved so much. Not only have I been much happier and put together, but I am happier with myself and have found lost motivation"
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